youth development 

to high performance

youth development 

to high performance

Blending positive coaching and sports science we strive to create an environment for everyone to develop and achieve their highest level of performance.

Blending positive coaching and sports science we strive to create an environment for everyone to develop and achieve their highest level of performance.

About us

We believe in the power of athletics to instill a sense of community, self-respect and discipline into the lives of athletes at all performance levels. Our own lives have been shaped in this way and our mission is to continue this positive influence of sports to athletes both on and off the field.

We serve our athletes holistically by collaborating across athletic domains, monitoring progress with objective assessments, and providing mentorship to help kids overcome challenges with confidence. Ultimately we empower our athletes to set their own goals, work through adversity and achieve personal success.

field Hockey

Next Level field hockey is committed to providing girls with a professionally managed and coached field hockey experience.

sports performance

Proper physical education and long term athlete development are the cornerstones of our sports performance program.

sports science

Through our partnership with Vald Performance & Force Decks we can bring a high level of insight & efficacy into our programs.

our programs

field hockey

A Professionally managed and coach experience

We offer year round playing opportunities including clinics, summer camps and travel teams. Our coaches are all top Division I players who love the game and are focused on providing our players with a fun learning environment to further develop their individual and game skills. 

We strive to provide programming for all athletes, including those who want to try field hockey for the first time, those who enjoy playing and would like to do so in a relaxed environment, and those who are competing at a high level and would like to pursue playing field hockey in college.

Sports science

The best evidence based training possible 

Through our integration with VALD Performance human measurement systems, we provide deeper insight into our athlete's performance potential, strength and movement quality.  We are well-versed in load management for individual and team sport athletes as well as those returning to play after rehabilitation from an injury.


Our customized loading parameters will help you structure your sport-specific training to maximize development and minimize injury risk. By creating biomechanical and neuromuscular profiles and making data-driven decisions, we are able to tailor programs to each individual athlete. 

Sports performance

physical education & long term athlete development

By teaching movement abilities and layering age appropriate challenges on top we can ensure a safe and effective progression of strength, speed and endurance qualities, ultimately leading to athletes reaching their fullest potential.

We aim to educate our athletes on why we train the way we do, and create an environment that addresses each athletes needs regardless of age, level or ability. Training should be a positive addition to one’s life and our athletes’ drive and commitment reflect that.

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